Creating Enduring Places— And Enduring Relationships

In 1998, after 15 years of experience at highly respected and awarded firms in New Mexico and Seattle, Kevin Spence branched out to create a company that reflects his values:

  • Being a respectful and responsive collaborator.
  • Creating excellent design for all.
  • Being a good steward to houses, neighborhoods and their communities, and the earth.

These values distinguish every KSA project, and they’re the foundation of the lasting bonds KSA forms with their clients.


Advantages of working with our firm

People choose a specific architect for a variety of reasons, but they all seek a result that is beautiful and suits their needs, whether it’s new construction, a remodel, or even a commercial space. To help achieve those results, KSA offers clients five key advantages:

A uniquely personal experience.

Our process begins with a consultation—and not with a less experienced employee, as is often the case at a larger firm. KSA clients reap the benefits of working directly with Kevin Spence, an architect with more than 30 years in the industry. We see it as a two-way educational process; client to architect, architect to client that leads to the best outcomes. At KSA, we recognize that our role is not to impose a prescriptive vision on our clients; rather, it is to learn about their vision, collaborate to help them clarify and refine the vision, and then work together to transform it into reality.

Guidance throughout all phases of a project.

Excellent design is only one component of a successful project; proper execution is every bit as important. That’s why our work doesn’t end when the basic design is complete. KSA serves as a guide all the way through permitting and construction—not only in support of clients, but also contractors and other key parties. Our collaborative approach benefits everyone involved, and ultimately, helps ensure a result that delights the client. We are your advocate and guide with all other parties in the process. We’ve seen all sorts of construction potholes over the years, and we help you avoid them.

Our breadth of expertise.

The KSA portfolio includes a wide variety of styles and settings, and our vast experience allows us to take inspiration and leverage our cumulative knowledge from completed projects to fully realize the potential of your site or existing space. Coupled with our knowledge of sustainability practices and building innovations, we can visualize solutions that are not always apparent to the less experienced.

An unwavering focus on providing lasting value.

Our pursuit of excellence involves making beautiful, functional design accessible to everyone. Good design has a positive impact on our community because the efficient use of space and the interconnection of beauty and function don’t merely enhance individual lives; these design features improve how people use natural resources, saving both time and money. Our dedication to the notion of excellence ensures that long after every project is complete, its value endures, giving back to the owner and the community.

You’ll be able to enjoy the journey.

Our efforts can take the sometimes-overwhelming amount of choices and responsibilities off your shoulders and help you relax and enjoy the journey. For our clients, working with us to build or remodel their home becomes one of their most satisfying endeavors.

"Ever since Kevin and his team took on our project, I was immediately relieved to know it was in highly capable and dedicated hands. He and his team have been so responsive to every inquiry, and it was very clear from the start that he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to tackle our particular remodel. Our project came with very unique requests for change, but Kevin took on the challenge and provided numerous design options, all of which were well thought out and detailed. He always makes himself available for questions or concerns and is personable and friendly. Couldn't recommend enough!"
"Kevin worked very closely with us to design our new kitchen, bathroom, and the lower level of our home. The design challenge was a bit tricky, as it involved moving a staircase to open up space in our home. Kevin was very responsive to our needs for the entirety of the project. It was a pleasure to work with him. The result of Kevin's work is nothing short of spectacular."