Ballard Bungalow

At first glance this 1914 Bungalow represents one of our most traditional remodels, yet its classic appearance belies its green-forward energy performance. Featuring a high efficiency heat pump, 32 solar panels, some double paned windows, and extensive attic insulation, this home was remodeled for an annual net-zero energy footprint. A doorway was replaced with a wider, arched opening connects the kitchen to the living and dining rooms. And the delightfully detailed kitchen winks old world charm through pendant lights assembled from 80-year-old power-pole glass insulators, a repurposed stained-glass window and two beehive ceiling fixtures. A 20 square-foot addition and removal of the obsolete brick furnace flue increased the kitchen footprint to make preparing gourmet meals a joy for this garden-to-table foodie couple that loves to cook with friends and family.

"As we planned our kitchen remodel with KSA, I was excited about converting our awkward, confined kitchen into a fun to use galley with loads of counter and cabinet space and gorgeous finishes. But the new design delivered a major enhancement that I hadn’t at all anticipated. Expanding the kitchen doorway into a wider archway brought the kitchen into conversation with the living and dining rooms, and this transformed our entire living space. KSA’s design has given us the great-room continuity featured in more contemporary houses while preserving the traditional craftsman atmosphere that we love. We didn’t just get an amazing kitchen; we got a way better house! I so enjoy fun details like our clever pendant lights that Kevin fashioned from repurposed, 100-year-old power pole insulators; I dance among ample workspaces; and every day I appreciate the multi-room conversation made possible by an experienced and thoughtful designer."


Photography: Priyanka Mudaliar/KSA
Photography: KSA
General Contractor: Wilkinson Builders
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