Green Lake Jadite Kitchen

This 1940’s house remodel was energized by the client’s beloved vintage Jadeite dishware and the backyard garden oasis they created. These provide a fun and colorful aesthetic for the new kitchen. The original kitchen suffered from lack of size, and a kitchen sink that faced a blank wall. A simple three-foot cantilevered addition provided an economical solution that provided enough new footprint to greatly improve the work areas without the expense of a conventional concrete footing. And a window at the kitchen sink is appreciated every day.

"Kevin produced for us several design plans with different layouts. This was so helpful for our thinking about how we use our kitchen and what made the most sense for us. I would not have thought of relocating our sink, but when I saw how it could be moved to allow for an efficient layout and have a window above it, I recognized what a great suggestion this was. I also loved that Kevin produced 3D images which greatly helped in visualizing what the kitchen would look like.” “I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone in need of an architect’s services. He provided an accurate bid for the scope of our project, met with us at our convenience for project discussions/decisions and helped keep us on track in selecting materials. Kevin did an excellent job coordinating activities with our contractor to deliver the beautiful, easy-to-work in kitchen that we now enjoy."


Photography: Aaron Dorn/KSA
General Contractor: Justin Busch Construction
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