Juanita Bay Modern

In the world of house remodeling, occasionally a step backward is needed to move forward towards your ultimate house dreams. The preliminary remodel focus was for the south facing, living, dining and kitchen areas. Shimmering water-through-the-trees views of Juanita Bay are the external focal point for the open and casual living spaces. Phase One included a new entry and stair upgrade that provided a comfortable living space and small lower-level kitchen to use so they could begin Phase Two without leaving their home. After a gap year between Phase One and Two, the living, dining and kitchen remodel were finally completed.

We were introduced to Kevin through a great friend and fellow architect. It is the highest form of praise, in our opinion, to be recommended by another architect and Kevin lived up to and exceeded our expectations. He is warm, professional, easy to work with, clear in his communications, knowledgeable, adaptable, prompt, creative, and does beautiful work. He did a great job at helping us manage our expectations, which is so important when you’re remodeling or building! He is great at problem-solving, at offering options but not so many as to overwhelm and came to the table prepared to guide us as much (or not) as we needed. He encouraged our design sense, but I am also confident that he can work well with people who claim to not have any, just as he will take the time to walk you through different design decisions and teach you as much or as little as you want to know about the process. He just seems to have an intuitive sense about how to work effectively with people. We had the good fortune of working with Kevin on two separate phases of our remodel, separated by years. He was very thoughtful in helping us reflect on successes and challenges in Phase 1 so as to prepare for, and make effective decisions in, Phase 2. We’re thrilled with the work Kevin has done on our home and honored to now consider him a friend as well.


Photography: Kathryn Barnard
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Photography: Aaron Dorn/KSA
Lighting Design Consultant: Luminous NW
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