Mid-Mod Garden House

Since this classic, architect designed mid-century house was built in 1957, in many respects it had lost its way. The post-and-beam structure, with its full height glass windows, made the lush garden the focus of the living spaces. Opening the kitchen up to the client's remarkable art collection elevated both function and feel, while providing a revived interior focus. The result is a casual and refreshed place for enjoying both art and nature in everyday living.

“My house remodel required a complicated scenario of moving walls and utilities along with new cabinetry, fixtures, and lighting. Kevin accompanied me through the universe of the reconstruction choices, which can be overwhelming and stressful. I can only say that Kevin was my place of confidence and friendly support throughout this process. I think I can say for both Kevin and I, that the results are simply wonderful.” Note: This client worked with Kevin on remodels in 2016 and again in 2019. “Kevin Spence, Architect, was unknown to me when I sought his professional services for a full kitchen remodel at my Seattle home in 2016, and we quickly evolved a satisfying and successful relationship. Kevin kept pace with and amplified any of my ideas with regard to everything from architectural, engineering and building code issues to 3D models, spatial considerations, lighting and other trades. He was readily available for consultations and made efforts to physically visit the site throughout the construction."


Photography: Dale Lange
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General Contractor: Justin Busch Construction
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Lighting Design Consultant: Luminous NW
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Casework: Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company
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