Queen Anne Craftsman

With its beautiful location and hundred-year-old craftsman detailing, the architectural challenge for this remodel home was to blur the lines between the old and the new. The unique features of the house were carefully preserved and restored while the worn and dysfunctional aspects were eliminated or replaced in a seamless way. An addition to the kitchen and dining areas, a usable deck and a third story project loft, created the additional space needed to keep this family of four in their home for the next several decades.

“Kevin joined our project after we parted ways with our first architect, with construction already underway. We were remodeling our 100+ year old, aging three-story craftsman home with a tiny, non-functional kitchen. Kevin worked tirelessly to come up to speed and took over the incomplete design, which required some structural revisions among other things. He was able to propose a number of really intriguing design options that we ultimately incorporated into the final project and turned a conceptual rough draft into a thoughtfully put together final project plan with its many details and finishes.”


Photography: Moris Moreno
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Interior Design: Deering Design Studio, Inc.
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